M O R S E   C O D E   G A M E   J A M

My wonderful team and I participated in Adaptive Design Association’s Morse Code Game Jam, a  three day event in
collaboration with Google, adafruit, and Tania and Ken Finlayson. 

With just a two-switch input, Morse allows people to access a new world of possibilities for communication and gaming.
The Game Jam pairs each team with a child who is not able to enjoy games using standard controls. They will then design
a game specially for him/her, incorporating the Gboard Morse Code Keyboard and switch access control.

Our team was paired with Ben, a 9-year-old who loves trains, aliens, elephants, and minions!
This is a video of him watching his favorite clip from Toy Story:

We designed a game that allows Ben to unlock his favorite videos by pressing the correct morse code combinations,
affectionately narrated by his mom to encourage Ben to learn letter-based patterns, independently play games, and have fun.

Click here to read a detailed account of our ideation process written by team leader, Elizabeth Ferguson.

Physical Interface / iPad Case Design:

My role was to design a physical interface to accompany the game. We learned from Chardelle that Ben recently learned to isolate his finger to tap
on an iPad. To emphasize the “dit” and “dah”s, I customized an iPad case that also transforms into an adjustable stand for Ben to play his new game.

Current specs customized for:
Apple iPad mini
Model: MD531LL/A

Download the Ai file to customize your own

1/4” width styling tape for protecting the bends
Velcro with adhesive backing

Laser Cutting:
The finished prototype was cut on 1/16” thick cardboard on a 75 Watt Epilog Laser Machine. This process requires configuring different settings for each
layer: cutting, scoring (bends), and etching. Testing is crucial. Resubmitting the same job at lower settings helps to avoid burn marks on the cardboard.

Team Ben!

Left to right: Mithru Vigneshwara, Hau Yuan, myself, Keerthana Pareddy, Mark, Ben, Chardell Buchanan, and Elizabeth Ferguson