S I S Y P H E A N    C O U N T E R

Tasked with designing a physical object that can sit on a desk and allow the user to count up or down
(one object accomplishes both behaviors), I designed and fabricated this first prototype of a Sisyphean counter. 

We’ve all had bouts of existential crisis at work doing the same mundane tasks again and again.

This project idea draws inspiration from Camus’ interpretation of Sisyphus, which heralds him as an absurd hero.
Although the gods punished Sisyphus to roll a boulder up and downhill for all of eternity, he is freed upon accepting
the absurdity of his fate and choosing to be happy.  This is a healthy philosophy to keep in mind in the workplace.

Sisyphus is placed on an ellipse to emphasize eternal loop. Miniscule numbers 0-99 border his infinite trajectory
and is displayed through a magnifying glass fixed in the boulder to symbolize the distortion of time. To count up,
the user can turn the dial clockwise and thereby subject our hero to rolling the boulder uphill. To count down,
the user is able to visualize the boulder rolling downhill by turning the dial counter-clockwise.